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The Governor and the Thermostat: Compelling concepts to consider when restructuring your mindset.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are introduced to the concept of the “Governor of our lives.” The Governor of our lives directly influences our identity. Identity is not only what we think we are worth, but also governs how much we think we deserve. Many of us know someone who is unethical and downright not a good person. No matter how “bad” these people may be, they always are winning. Many people see these people winning and often think “why can’t I win?” This is mainly because a good person in any endeavor will take only what they think they are worth. A good person keeps equitable distribution in mind and won’t take more from life than what they believe they deserve. 

Another concept the narrator presents to his audience is that our minds are like thermostats. In this example, the narrator uses 75 degrees as our mind’s homeostasis and operating capacity. When life starts to go well for us, the thermostat starts to creep up to 80-90 degrees, but we always have a way to bring ourselves back down. Conversely, when our lives start to turn bad, we also always find a way to lift ourselves back up. The only way that we can permanently alter our thermostats is by altering the Governor of our minds. When people are put into situations where they’re demanded to exceed their capacities, some may throw themselves out of their comfort zones and knock whatever they are facing out of the park. By doing so, the brain believes that this is the new baseline, and therefore, they start to live at a higher capacity. Similarly, we can raise our standards by surrounding ourselves with others who are already living at a higher standard. Through this association, we start to raise ourselves up as well. 

The video concludes with a discussion on how to stay motivated. “Don’t,” the narrator simply states. The largest separator in life is not who is the most motivated, but who is the most disciplined. Motivation is a fleeting emotion. It fluctuates from day to day. Because of this, successful individuals rely on the power of their routines and the habits they have developed. Through discipline and routine, we start to develop a sense of control and calmness in our lives. The narrator suggests that his audience strive to own the first and last thirty minutes of their days by implementing and maintaining a simple routine to center themselves. 

This video is a great watch for those looking to reshape their mindset. This video can be accessed below: 


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