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To be vulnerable is not to be weak.


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So many of us are raised to think that to be vulnerable is to be weak. Because of this, we instinctively armor up and don’t put ourselves out there to save ourselves from getting hurt. Many believe that staying closed off is the only way to live, as getting hurt is not the risk. We are taught this throughout our lives. During times of difficulty or unfavorable interactions, each moment impacts our psyche. Simultaneously, we are taught that we must be brave. The narrator points out, however, that to be brave without being vulnerable results in “bravado,” or blustery, fake bravery. We can see this fake bravery in a lot of the world today. This is most commonly seen in people who are cynical and critical of the world and those who chose to put themselves out there. 

The narrator shares an exercise with her audience. In a small group, she asked individuals to complete the following phrase, “vulnerability is…” Many individuals used words like weakness or showing too much. One individual stated that “vulnerability is the first step to betrayal.” Shielding ourselves from the world is so deep-seated in our minds that many would not hesitate to agree with that phrase. Stemming from this, people often postpone being vulnerable for fear of it being used against them. 

While this is all too common, the narrator challenges her audience to be vulnerable through being their authentic selves. Through vulnerability, we can start to feel more in line with our values. Vulnerability is ultimately not how our actions or words make us feel, but it is about how it makes others feel. Vulnerability is difficult, but it is not a weakness. 

With concise explanations and multiple examples, this video provides encouraging words for those looking to lower their walls and let the world see more of themselves. This video can be accessed below: 


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