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What is the story that you keep telling yourself about yourself?


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“What if I told you it’s not too late to change your story?”
This video from Motivation District challenges its audience to challenge themselves. The narrator starts this video with the question above. Our stories are malleable. We are all capable to adapt and evolve with the world around us. The first step is to identify how we see ourselves in our own stories. The narrator then questions her audience with “what is the story that you keep telling yourself about yourself?” Many of us probably talk to ourselves with words laced with doubt, shame, negativity, or regret. If you find yourself thinking the same way, the narrator encourages that you shift your focus on the battles you won, the lessons you learned, and the strength you gained. 
Similarly, the narrator suggests that our circumstances do not rule us. She informs her audience that she became a single mother living in South Chicago at the age of seventeen. Despite this situation, the narrator was able to lift herself up by envisioning a new life for herself and her loved ones. Everyone has setbacks and disappointments. It is how we react to these setbacks that determine our futures and our story. The narrator indicates that we can face each adversity with an attitude of defeat, or with an attitude of reflection and declaration that our story is not over. Instead of focusing on the pain, focus on the lessons learned and how you have become stronger. Our circumstances do not define us. 
The narrator again asks her audience “what is the story that you keep telling yourself about yourself,” cautioning her audience that our minds are always listening. In darkness and despair, listen to the still, small voice. You are the hope.”
This video can be accessed below: 


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