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Don’t panic; Be diligent; Honor your creativity.


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So many lessons can be learned in this video from Motivation District. With powerful analogies and easy-to-read captions, viewers walk away with a new look on life and how to remain true to their creativity. 

One of the first lessons discussed is to not panic in times of struggle. It is so easy to think everything is ruined when things start to go south. Through these times, we must remember that we will survive. In order to turn these situations around, we must learn to make one move at a time, executing each step along the way. 

Another lesson is that it is okay to not know where you are going. If we do not know our end destination, it doesn’t matter which road we take. The narrator adds to “ not keep standing in the fork of the road until a truck runs over.” This is another highly relatable line. While it is okay to not know where we want to go or who we want to become, we should not let paralysis by analysis keep us from progressing. Sometimes, we just need to take a leap of faith. 

The narrator then engages in a thorough discussion analogy about an old, Italian typewriter he received as a young man. If you type one wrong letter when using a typewriter, you would need to restart. Through this analogy, the narrator is able to effectively communicate the need for diligence, to move accurately and efficiently, and to practice over and over again. 

Some other insightful lessons in this video include:

  • Nothing is more valuable than our capacity to be diligent and hard working. Through these two characteristics, we can ensure success. 
  • Whatever you are doing, practice until it comes naturally. 
  • Be diligent and be careful of every job you take. 
  • Act as if each job you take is your first and your last. 
  • Don’t just work; outwork yourself. 
  • Things do not always need to be functional in order to fulfill a need. Sometimes the greatest creativity emanates from the fragments. 
  • Creativity is a process of the soul; honor it. 
  • All creativity or art is not meant to be understood or accepted by others. 

So many more lessons can be learned from the video below: 


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