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Pick up your damn suffering, and bury it.


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In a refreshingly, straightforward talk from Motivation District’s video, viewers learn countless lessons to carry with them. The narrator sites that there are many reasons why we should be resentful about our existence and take these frustrations out on others. The world is full of pain. Despite this, we must always strive to be a better person and not make the world a worse place. The narrator cautions his viewers to stay away from complaining, as it makes unfavorable citations infinitely worse. Life is about suffering and accepting suffering. In the face of suffering, we must try to reduce our own in order to help those around us move forward. 

The narrator also emphasizes that we need to pull ourselves together. We all know how we can improve, even if it is at the smallest degree. By making small improvements in our lives, their benefits start to compound. We are all fixer-uppers and should do so humbly. Through helping ourselves, we can start to help others and be better people. 

This video from Motivation District can be accessed below: 


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