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Dignity and Discipline


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In another video from Motivation District, viewers better understand the importance of discipline, dignity, responsibility, and how these define their character. Character is how to be a human being. Living in dignity with your peers means working together towards a common goal and approaching conflict lovingly and through understanding. Through dignity, we learn the concept of discipline. Discipline can simply be defined as the ability to train the mind, body, and spirit to move in concert with one another. Discipline is developed through routine. 

The analogy of a boxing ring is used. Where we often have a great amount of support on the outside of the ring, but once we are in it, we are alone. This is true about life. No matter the amount of support we may have; there are often many periods in which we must navigate alone. This is where discipline and dignity come into play. Taking responsibility and accountability for our actions allows us to progress and with those around us. 

This video can be accessed here: 


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