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How To Overcome Sensitiveness


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Our lives are full of highs and lows, which is why we ought to make peace with everything that we come across in life. Now, while we are always happy and content about the highs, it’s the lows that naturally affect us more.

Hearing bad news or getting criticized or insulted by other people gives rise to frustrations and grief or leads us to react in an unwarranted manner. And if these are too frequent, they might subsequently cause anxiety or depression or might even create complications in your relationships. That’s why you need to overcome this sensitiveness to adverse situations. 

In this pursuit, you’ll first need to accept the fact that negative occurrences are a part of life. And this necessitates managing your reactions to such occurrences so that they are never able to affect your well-being. So, here are some simple practices that you can adopt to make peace with the lows in life and thereby keep a check on your sensitiveness. 

#1 Silence is a powerful tool: Tell yourself that it’s alright if you don’t respond to every criticism, action, or comment by another person. That’s because such responses can trigger your emotions further. 

Try to think of the situations when you voiced your grievances or agitation with someone. Didn’t that lead to more anger and frustration than when you started? So, practice just letting it roll off the back. Trust me; it will do you good. 

#2 Realize that it may not always be about you: When you’re too sensitive, you often tend to take an insult or expression of anger personally. But you should understand that there may be various reasons why people do and say unkind things at any point in time.

For instance, they might have had a bad day, or they might be facing problems at the personal forefront. This is why it’s best to avoid thinking that every criticism is solely about you. Plus, someone’s actions or words actually reveal more of how they are rather than how you are. 

#3 Practice the act of controlling your emotions: Try watching a sad or scary movie without identifying closely with any of the characters. Apart from that, when something frightening or sad happens, try to maintain emotional distance to some extent. Notice if you’re still getting emotional at some point in time and utilize that as a sign to relax the mind. 

Are you overly sensitive sometimes? What steps do you take to help yourself overcome this? 

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