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An inspiring talk to develop discipline


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"What would you do if money were no object?" Is one of the most difficult questions we can ask ourselves because it requires us to zoom out and look not just at the big picture, but the biggest picture possible, also known as our entire life!

In this video from the Motivation District, it is pointed out that it all starts with the current educational systems, which often block our innovative sides and desires to fit into society, with the sole purpose of gaining and spending money to stay in control. Generation after generation, we are thought to pursue conventional paths to guarantee a decent lifestyle and to find satisfaction and stability, without reflecting on what we desire. Oftentimes, it is easier to bury our heads in exactly what we are currently doing and focus on a job that we neither love nor hate – one that we just exist in. The idea of structuring our existence with an objective of monetary gain is nothing less but chasing an abstraction.

The video also explains how it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Mastering our interests and turning them into revenue sources in order to have financial stability. Do what you love and the money will eventually follow, it does not always have to be a choice between the two options. Besides desire and money, Alan Watts discusses the urge to possess power over everything and the natural tendency of a human being to seek power, the infinite possibilities offered by technology, and spirituality.

With captivating images and clear captions, this video from Motivation District urges the audience to embrace our desires and pursue our dreams, while letting go of negative things that cause anger and frustration. The video is available below: 



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