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Leadership is a lot like love.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are provided insight on how to become an effective leader. Throughout the video, the narrator emphasizes the importance to continually practice leadership. Leadership does not always come naturally, and if you don’t use these skills, you surely will lose them. The narrator demonstrates this sentiment by using the example of going to the gym. After one or two workouts, you typically won’t see any major changes. To see the changes in performance or physique, you must stick to a course of action, be consistent, and allow for flexibility as needed. Athletic performance and leadership are not about events and intensity. Many individuals attend seminars on leadership, but their certifications do not necessarily make them a leader. Leadership comes through the completion of monotonous things. 

The narrator then discusses love. There isn’t an instance in which people recognize that they are in love. Rather, love comes from the accumulation of small acts of service and loyalty. Leadership can be viewed in the same light.  Some small things the narrator encourages his audience to integrate throughout their day include:

  • Greeting their team members every morning; 
  • Maintaining eye contact; 
  • Genuinely caring about their team members answer when asking about their day;
  • Work to instill the same morals in other managers and supervisors; and 
  • Allow for disagreement, but never disrespect. 

Integrating these small things into every workday can greatly improve a company’s work culture. Managers who start to better their work culture will see employees transition from liking their jobs to loving their jobs. Devotion to your team may result in the devotion of the team to the company. 

This video is chock full of lessons and tools to help individuals develop their leadership skills and inspire others. This video can be accessed below: 



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