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Hunger and gratitude: the keys to a fulfilling life.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are challenged about how badly they want to achieve their goals. So many people have dreams and aspirations, but so few attain these goals. The reason behind this is because successful individuals are constantly hungry. People who are hungry and desperate for success find a way to make it happen. There is such a negative connotation around the emotion of desperation. However, few realize how powerful desperation can be. Through desperation, you find reserves of ideas, talents, and strengths that you never knew you had. The path to success is latent with desperation and hunger. 

The narrator provides an anecdote as to why in athletics the challengers often beat the reigning champions. It is very rare to see repeat champions. This is because challengers are hungrier for success than those who have already tasted it. 90% of athletes lose a bit of their hunger once they have gotten a taste. I believe this can be said for those outside of the athletic arena as well. 

The narrator then discusses the importance of gratitude. By “stacking gratitude,” we can start to attract people and things that we need to find in life and change the state of our lives. A common practice is to express gratitude at the start and end of your day. By doing so, practitioners have some measure of control over their day. Gratitude can also combat self-doubt and build confidence. Everyone is riddled with doubt, despite not being born to have doubt or negative thoughts. By expressing gratitude for the qualities and things you possess, trust in the self begins to build. 

This video from Motivation District is chock full of inspirational messages and tools to help viewers better reframe their lives. This video can be accessed below: 


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