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Want to change the world? Start with making your bed.


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Throughout this video from Motivation District, viewers hear about the narrator’s military experience and how he has been able to translate what he learned during his service to civilian life. During this video, the topic of ownership is discussed. The narrator preaches what he calls, “extreme ownership,” where individuals own every portion of their lives. Whether it is in the military, the workplace, or in the home, the narrator encourages his audience to take ownership and accountability for the problems they face and to challenge any obstacle in their way. “Let weaker people complain about how unfair life is,” the narrator exclaims. 

Discipline goes hand in hand with ownership. Before he starts his day, the narrator makes his bed and completes other mundane tasks. Completing these tinier tasks compounds and we start to gain a small sense of pride and accomplishment with each item completed. As we build our momentum by completing these tinier tasks, we can then start to tackle bigger tasks. The little things matter. If you can’t do the little things, then you can’t do the big things in life. “Want to change the world? Start with making your bed.”

This video provides viewers with tools and motivation to reshape their lives. This video can be accessed below: 


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