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One of the greatest days in a person’s life is when they realize life isn’t comfort-centric, but growth-centric.


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“The strongest force in human capacity is the ability to be consistent with how you define yourself.”

In this video from Motivation District, viewers understand how to define their identity and better align themselves, their values, and goals. Our identities govern how we move through life. The more consistent we are with our identity, the more harmonious we find ourselves navigating our day to day. Throughout the video, the narrator recalls the time that he spent in a high-profile prison. Even when living in an environment with dangerous individuals, he remained in high spirits. When asked how he managed to remain happy, he stated that “positive thinking isn’t enough.” In order to remain content and joyous, we must develop our toolset to prepare for life’s challenges. Some tools that the narrator gives his audience are: 

  • The power of acceptance
  • Zero tolerance policy for “if only” or “what if”
  • Coming to terms with our current situations
  • Can’t just talk the talk; need to be able to walk the walk. 

Through implementing these tools, the narrator has been able to make even the hardest of times manageable. With these tools, he was able to refocus his energy from complaining, worrying, and dreading the hardships of prison to focus on ways to be productive in terms of his own growth. He sums this idea up with, “the milk may be spilled, but it won’t be put back because you’re feeling sorry.”

The narrator continues his discussion on adversity with the quote, “every adversity comes with it a seed of equal or greater benefit.” Oftentimes, people mainly focus on how to overcome or manage hardships in their lives without focusing too much on the gifts hidden in the shroud of challenge. The narrator claims that the best gifts are wrapped in layers of adversity so others won’t steal them. 

With countless quotes and lessons, this video provides great insight on how others can start to shift their mindsets to overcome adversity in their lives. This video can be accessed below:  


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