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Our minds are conscious beings.


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“Don’t be too concerned with what was and what will be.” 

In this video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to not let a bad moment dictate their days. Throughout the video, the narrator encourages his audience that a part of maturity is not allowing bad moments to turn into bad days. Similarly, the narrator warns his audience that they mustn’t play with the days that they have. All that we are guaranteed in life is the present moment we are in. If we have goals, dreams, and aspirations, the time is now to develop discipline and work towards those goals.

Coupling with the idea to take advantage of the days we currently have, the narrator discusses the importance of self-control. We all have personal challenges controlling parts of our lives. To combat this, the narrator challenges his audience to take an inventory of the areas in which we struggle. Then slowly, we can start to tackle them one at a time. While this had proven to be beneficial, it should be noted that the brain tends to create more problems, no matter how many we solve. This means that we must continually implement and practice discipline, adjusting our strategies as needed. This ever-present need for discipline is not easily developed or maintained; however, listening to videos like this one from Motivation District gives viewers the inspiration and tools to maintain this mindset. 

The narrator also discusses an interesting idea that the human brain cannot think of two ideas at the same time. While the brain has an immense capacity to think of many ideas in the span of an hour, it can only think of one idea at a moment. This is a reassuring fact. If you are having a bad day, then this means that your mind is focusing on the one thing causing that bad day. While easier said than done, the narrator encourages his audience to simply shift their focus to a different idea. Similarly, our minds are conscious beings in themselves, meaning that they are constantly aware. The words that we verbally speak to ourselves and others and the words that we speak in our minds have a great influence on our outlook on life. If we “talk negative, then the body does negative.” 

This video is chock full of helpful insights for those looking to shift their ways of thinking. Motivation District’s video can be accessed below: 


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