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Practice presence.


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are given the tools to better manage their minds. Throughout the video, the speaker encourages his audience to be more present. When thoughts are rooted in our egos, we live in a world of comparisons and time constraints. Ego during this video refers to the part of the brain that is self-serving and I-centric. This does not necessarily mean this is bad, just centered around the self. In order to live a more content and joyous life, we must learn to quiet the noisy parts of the brain. By living a life of comparison, we are taken out of a positive place. 

The narrator emphasizes the benefits of being present. Having a present mindset, we can: 

  • More easily navigate the ups and downs in life; 
  • Quiet our brains; 
  • Learn to not think in time constraints; and
  • Continually practice mindfulness. 

While “being present” is easier said than done, it can be easily implemented into our everyday lives. Present mindfulness is a continual practice and can be applied to every aspect of our lives. 

“Life is a series of nows,” the narrator emphasizes. He encourages his audience to not think about tomorrow or the next minute. From being present, a sense of calm washes over us. The narrator also encourages his audience to be open to failure. Failure is a part of the process. Failure provides the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to grow. 

Being present does not common naturally; it requires consistent practice. It is extremely easy to think we understand a concept but do not consistently align ourselves with that concept. Getting caught in this cycle of botched execution can lead to disappointment and depression. When we catch ourselves acknowledging that we are living a certain way and know better, that is our ego sneaking in. We must learn to subdue this ego to start living in the present. 

Individuals looking to be more present and mindful can learn a lot from this video, which can be accessed below:


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