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Everything is connected.


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In a more thought-provoking video from Motivation District, viewers are encouraged to view life through a new lens. Throughout the video, the narrator encourages his audience to view themselves as an extension of the world around them. In order to describe how we operate in life, we also describe the environment surrounding us. It is common to describe human life as “isolated egos in bags of skin.” However, the narrator argues that this is not true. The narrator uses the example of walking to support his argument. We cannot talk about walking without also describing the floor and the space. Without this peripheral information, we would just be describing swinging legs. Similarly, we cannot see others without a background. Without an understanding of the surrounding environment and circumstances, one cannot accurately describe human behavior. 

Because of this, the narrator encourages his audience to reject conventional thought that we are isolated from our surroundings. Our behaviors are not separate from those of the universe. Following this way of thinking, minerals are rudimentary consciousness. Consciousness can vary in different degrees. If you were to tap a crystal, it would react simply with noise and vibration. Our consciousness, however, is much more subtle. We jangle with all sorts of thoughts. By having this mindset, that everything has a conscious and everything is connected, we can start to feel more warmhearted towards the universe. 

The narrator also describes that we are taught to specialize in one realm of consciousness. During this discussion, the narrator discusses the “spotlight,” and “floodlight.” The spotlight is the consciousness in which we fixate our minds on one thing at a time. Conversely, the floodlight is often ignored but involves appreciating everything for simply being. We are taught to think in the spotlight consciousness; however, using the floodlight way of thinking allows us to better connect with our surroundings. 

This video is a must-watch for those looking to reshape their mindset and to appreciate the world for all that it has to offer. This video can be accessed below: 


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