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How To Overcome Anxious-Preoccupied Attachment


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Anxiety is one of the most common problems faced by today’s generation, and it can happen due to multiple reasons. It can occur if you have lost someone recently or if a relationship has come to an end. The roots could also lie much deeper if you have faced trauma as a child or if your needs to be supported and protected have not been met. 

While attachment is good, it can become problematic if you constantly doubt it or feel disoriented or threatened by it. But I have some great news for you! It is possible to make your brain overcome this fear, which will ultimately help you lead a better and more peaceful life. 

#1 Recognizing the initial signs of anxiety: do you notice your throat or chest tightening up when faced with certain situations? Or are you suddenly flooded with a host of negative thoughts, making your heart beat faster? 

These can be the first signs of anxiety, so I’d suggest acknowledging the problem. Remember that recognition is the stepping stone to overcoming any issue.

#2 Lowering those stress hormones: once you have understood what makes you anxious, it is time to control the stress hormones. The best way to do it is to focus on slow breathing, and that should tell your brain that you are alright.

#3 Confronting your fear: what is the worst that can happen? While you are always assuming the worst, the situation might not be half as bad. It is important to identify the problem areas and think about how you will face them. 

If you have insecurities, this is when you need to start reframing them. Do you need to build better confidence, or do you want to avoid certain kinds of people? Ask these questions to yourself and think about how you can implement the answers to bring in a sense of calm.

#4 Seeking support:  I always believe that loved ones can be of great help during these times but it’s important that you seek help from the right people. You may need to maintain distance from people who make you feel small or unworthy. Instead, invest time and effort in relationships that bring in positivity and good thoughts.

#5. Enrolling in therapy sessions: ask yourself if you need to attend therapy sessions and be honest about it. There is no harm in talking to a professional who can actually help you get over anxious-preoccupied attachment and that too within a short span. You will then realize how much more confident you can become. 

Is anxious-preoccupied attachment something you have had to overcome? What steps did you take to help correct the behavior?

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