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Attack every day.


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In another video from Motivation District, viewers hear from multiple narrators on what it takes to be successful. From analogies to real-life scenarios, the audience walks away from this video with new tools and perspectives on how they can reshape their lives. This video starts with a discussion that it is easier to become successful in this generation than generations before. The current generation we are living in is accustomed to comfort. This comfort has bred weaker mental strength than previous generations. When starting something new, most people will quit the second that they are told they are incorrect or going about something the wrong way. The narrator suggests that our current generation is lacking discipline and mental strength. While I feel that a more comfortable living situation can lead to less mental fortitude, I don’t think this is always the case. Everyone has challenges that they are faced with, and overcoming these challenges not only builds mental strength and discipline but also confidence. 

The narrator then shifts the discussion to a door analogy. As an ex-military personnel, the narrator has had many experiences where during the battle he would approach a door. Behind that door, there could be an empty room, or there could be a group of enemies waiting to attack. The narrator says that while your mind is racing, you have to be okay with the possibility that you could die in this situation and open the door anyway. This uncertainty can easily be translated into our everyday lives. Whether it is uncertainty in the workplace, in our relationships, or as we start our journey to a new goal, uncertainty and how we approach these situations are the only things that are certain. In times of uncertainty, the narrator encourages his listeners to attack everything they do in life. On the other side of our metaphorical doors could be greatness. If we choose to open our doors, we must do so with intensity and fervor. 

The narrator then shifts the discussion to how the audience can become mentally strong. Through accountability, discipline, and pushing our boundaries, we can become stronger. The narrator mentions that he hates running, but does it anyway. Running to him does not mean that he is training for a race, but that he is training for life. Life is full of hardships. Through his physical training, the narrator also trains his mind and spirit to handle whatever life throws at him so that he can be there for others no matter his current situation. 

This is by far one of my favorite videos from Motivation District. The video is chock full of lessons and tools, and viewers truly walk away with new perspectives on life. This video can be accessed at the link below. 


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