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In this video from Motivation District, viewers are challenged to reshape their methods of thinking. Throughout the video, the narrator mentions that failure is inevitable, but it is not terminal. Success can not be achieved without failure, and sometimes the biggest successes stem from the largest failures. During our times of failure, we must make the decision to keep going and keep trying. Even when others doubt us, we must try to keep our unconventional ways of thinking. People doubted the Wright brothers when they sought to give man the ability to fly. People even doubted our abilities to explore space. When we have a dream that we are passionate about, we mustn’t let others’ doubts influence us. 

We all came here to do something. No matter how large or small this something is, we must act on our ideas. Some people know right away what their ‘something’ is; others do not, and that is okay. Some people do not know what their ‘something’ is simply because they have not been exposed to it yet. While the majority of us have the ability to become great, we are hesitant to start because we have not seen anybody doing this yet. 

Another topic that is discussed is to not allow the opinions of others to distract us from our success and to keep our expectations high. Others’ opinions of us do not have to become our reality. Similarly, we must keep our expectations high. Once we lower our expectations of people is the second that we adjust how we treat, look, and talk to them. Our time, energy, and effort are also adjusted. 

This video from Motivation District provides viewers with thoughtful insights and lessons, motivating them to continue down their own paths. This video can be accessed here. 


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