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“Don’t call me a self-made man.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger


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In this video from Motivation District, viewers hear many anecdotes from Austrian-American actor, businessman, retired bodybuilder, and former politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Throughout this video, Schwarzenegger recalls his journey from bodybuilder to actor to mayor of California. During his talks, Schwarzenegger provides his listeners many tools to achieve their own greatness. Schwarzenegger emphasizes throughout the video that he is not a self-made man. No matter how many times he is referred to as such, Schwarzenegger admits that he would not have achieved half of his accomplishments without the help of others. From fellow Gold’s Gym members during his bodybuilding career to acting coaches to political advisors, Schwarzenegger recognizes the help that he has received throughout his life. Schwarzenegger encourages his listeners to build a community that supports their dreams as well. 

In addition to surrounding yourself with a solid support system, Schwarzenegger emphasizes the need to have a vision, the ability to plan, and ignoring the naysayers, Without direction and the ability to plan, we cannot put our dreams into motion. If we concern ourselves with the opinions of those who doubt us, then it may prevent us from ever starting. Schwarzenegger also reminds his listeners to remember to be generous and help others whenever possible on their path towards success. Audiences from any demographic can relate to and implement the lessons Schwarzenegger communicates in this video. With compelling images and easy-to-read captions, viewers gain the tools to build a community of supporters during their path towards success. This video can be accessed below: 


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