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Callus over your victim mentality.


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In this video from Motivation District, listeners hear about just how important mental fortitude is. From changing our internal dialogues to overcoming adversity, viewers walk away from this video with tools to help look at their lives in a different life. The most important conversations we have are with ourselves. How we speak to ourselves impacts our actions, relationships with others, and our self-worth. Sometimes our conversations are good, allowing us to connect more with others and be more appreciative of the opportunities we have. During periods of negative self-talk, however, it is easy to develop a victim mentality. The thought of, “no one knows what I am going through,” is limiting and belittling. Everyone is going through hardship; some are just better at hiding their circumstances than others. In order to overcome and callus over our victim mentalities, we must be willing to break ourselves down, admit our shortcomings, and not hide behind our circumstances. Doing this will allow us to relate more with others and become more authentic. 

The narrator also touches on the “savage mentality,” the complete opposite of the victim mentality previously discussed. The narrator mentions that after some of the greatest athletes retire, within a year they look completely different. After retirement, many people get comfortable, don’t train as often, and ultimately fall front the top. With the savage mentality, you are challenged every day to set the example of how life should be. Every single day, you have the opportunity to outwork yourself from the day before. Through pain and training, we can start to callus over our victim mentalities so that this new savage mentality can take over. 

Throughout the video, the narrator challenges his listeners to “keep challenging the machine every day.” We only have one life and one body. It is up to us to keep that machine from getting rusty. Through pain and suffering, we find out more about ourselves than through comfort. 

This video from Motivation District is a must-watch. With compelling images and easy-to-read captions, viewers walk away from this video with a better understanding and tools of how to develop their own savage mentalities. This video can be accessed below: 


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