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Self-discovery with Snoop Dogg


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In this video from Motivation District, listeners hear from American rapper, media personality, actors, and businessmen, Snoop Dogg. Throughout this video, Snoop Dogg encourages his listeners to attack every opportunity to become successful. Snoop recalls his time growing up in East Long Beach, California, and his dedication to leaving behind his “ghetto superstardom,” and become a successful rapper. Throughout his journey to success, Snoop remained true to his core values of sincerity and honesty. 

“Go make some noise,” Snoop tells his audience. Snoop encourages his listeners to go out and discover who they are. While this is easier said than done, an easy first step in doing so is to remain true to yourself at all times. From an early age, Snoop Dogg found himself comfortable performing in front of crowds and was able to build his confidence. This later translated into his rap career, where his smooth lyrics stood out from the loud and aggressive musicians at the time. This spirit of peace, love, and happiness is something he still carries with himself today.

Snoop also challenges his audience to not restrict themselves. Life is about self-discovery. Putting ourselves and worth into a box limits our opportunities. In our trek of self-discovery, we must be able to recognize what is best for us, not necessarily what is best for the world. We do not know how to be anybody but ourselves. So much energy is wasted trying to fit other people’s molds when ours is already carved. By finding our passions, we can become a positive force in this world. Once we find our passion(s), Snoop encourages listeners to “do it until you can’t do it anymore.”

These encouraging words from Snoop Dogg provide his listeners motivation to figure out who they are at their core and act with intention every day. This video can be accessed below:


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