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Through suffering, we find peace and joy.


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“There has never been peace without suffering.” 

In this video from Motivation District, listeners hear about how suffering can ultimately lead to joy. Life is without suffering, pain, loss, and defeat. While this is true, these times of confusion and difficulty lead to greater peace and joy. As the narrator states, “your joy is your sorrow unmasked.” The same well that our laughter rises from is often filled with our tears. The deeper our sorrow carves into our being, the more joy can fill that space. Our ego and scared portions of ourselves judge tragedy and adversity as inherently bad. The speaker encourages his audience to befriend suffering and welcome it. Welcoming suffering and understanding its role in our lives invites joy. 

The narrator also mentions that the greatest amongst us are also the ones who have been hurt the most. Authenticity, relatability, and creativity often come from times of heartbreak and loneliness. It is important to recognize that everything that happens to us and every circumstance we find ourselves in is for our own growth. The narrator sums this sentiment up by saying “a bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul.” In order to meet our higher self, we must be able to look past the fear, doubt, and disbelief. By being brave enough to take a hard look at ourselves, we have the opportunity to know our bravest and strongest selves. 

The narrator rounds out this video with a discussion on resentment, emphasizing that we should not collect resentment. Conversely, the narrator also emphasizes that we cannot look at life through rose-colored glasses either. Many people tend to focus only on the positive, sunshiney version of life. While it is important to try to see the positives in stressful situations, it is equally, if not more, important to recognize and feel periods of suffering. Through suffering, we learn to appreciate the highs of life more. 

With easy-to-read captions, Motivation District’s video helps viewers better understand the intricacies of suffering and its impacts on our growth. This video can be accessed below:


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