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Buying a business building and renting out the offices?


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I only recently realized this but my boyfriend's boss doesn't own the building they work in, he rents it and shares the space with 5 other smaller businesses. I think 2 or 3 of them are lawyers. I am wondering how much someone could make renting out space like this under one building. is this a good investment? 

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Office space is alright. Most businesses do not own real estate as its better just to focus on your core competencies. It also is typically a large outlay of capital to buy real estate that is likely better being invested into making your core competencies better. There are some situations when it will make sense for the business to own real estate but a large majority lease. 

Office space is an alright real estate investment with decently long term tenants. Ever since the full Covid thing though and watching the fuss that is taking place about people going back to the office it does worry me when I am looking at these kinds of properties. Also take a look around the area. Is there a lot of vacant office space out there for lease? What is the demand like? 

There are a lot of big players that play in this field so it obviously works out just fine. Just thinking about long term trends is the demand for office space going to rise or fall? That is something that is extremely local to your area. 

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