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How many books do you read in year?


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I do not read books as much as I used to but I do read a lot still. Mostly internet forums to keep my internet marketing skills at the top of my game and constantly expose my mind to new ideas. 

I do tend to go through a couple books a month on audible still so I listen to them instead of read them. Typically listening while doing something else like cleaning the garage or polishing a car so it does not get my 100% focus but it is still to keep exposing my mind to new ideas and concepts. 

So I guess I am hanging out between 12 and 24 books a year. A far way from the above bench mark. I do dedicate almost an hour a day to just reading and education so I am consistently keeping myself at the top of the game. 

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When I was younger, I probably read 3 or 4 books a year. As a got a little older, I stopped reading books and switched to reading articles online and studies on various things. I also grew out of watching TV almost entirely. I do watch stuff online but I can't tell you the last time I saw an ad. lol

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