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Small companies worth buying stock in?


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Picking individual companies success is going to be rough. Especially in the stock market where there are so many management teams just wasting investor money out there. I do not have any suggestions on any small cap companies to buy stock in. What I would suggest to improve chances of success is going for a broad diverse base and buying into a small cap ETF. 

Here are a few quality options to look into: 

VBR - Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF
SCHA - Schwab U.S Small Cap ETF
VBK - Vanguard Small Cap Growth ETF

That way your risk can be spread against the full basket. 

I have purchased small businesses and invested in small private companies directly before but I assume we are talking about stocks. 

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I've never really invested in stocks, but I have invested in other ways for some companies. I don't like to invest much these days, especially for smaller time companies. I've got a lot to learn though, so I'm not investing any any stocks until I have the knowledge for it. 

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Someone I talked to recently recommended buying stock in new apps and software. I don't know anything about it but it might be worth looking into if you want to find something newer/smaller that has the potential to grow.    

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