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'Giving up' is not a part of our dictionaries

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In another video from Motivation District, listeners learn about the importance of self-confidence as they work toward their goals. At some point in all of our lives, we have found ourselves in situations where we convince ourselves that we are unable to change. Believing that we can, however, is often the hardest part of the battle. Believing in ourselves gets us closer overcoming this hurdle. 

The first step to achievement is believing in yourself. Without self-confidence, goals and dreams cannot be achieved. How can we achieve anything if we do not believe in our skills and abilities? Inaction to adjust this way of thinking prevents us from growing and achieving all that we want. The first battle that you will have to win against yourself. 

 Suppose that you have a good strategy and a plan that will lead you to the path of success. But until you implement that strategy, you can not start your path to success. Getting started, while easier said than done, requires self-confidence and commitment. Self-confidence is something that has to be developed with time. Confidence increases with each win, no matter how big or small. 

While we can develop our confidence and believe in ourselves, action is ultimately what dictates our ability to attain our goals. Without action, we can not progress and remain stuck in our old ways of existing. It is through effort that we can work toward our goals. The words ‘quitting,’ and ‘giving up,’ should not be in our dictionaries. Failure is inevitable and leads to opportunities to learn and grow. Success is obtained through adjusting after times of failure, developing discipline, focusing on the tasks at hand, and being confident in our abilities. 

For those looking to make considerable progress to their goals, this video from Motivation District may provide the tools and knowledge needed to embark on this journey. With easy to read captions and compelling images, viewers receive a better understanding of how confidence, mindset, and failure dictate our success. This video can be accessed below.  


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