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The intricate balance of self-respect and self-criticism

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In this video from Motivation District, the narrator discusses the importance of self-respect. No matter what our current position is, nothing is more important than maintaining our self-respect. Respecting ourselves and others is often easier said than done. Respect for the self means accepting who you fully are - even the things that you may not like about yourself. If we do not accept our current financial situation, aesthetics, relationship status, then we are rejecting those portions of ourselves.

Once we start to accept ourselves, short comings and all, then we can start to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, financially - in all aspects of our life. Evolution of the self starts with self-respect and acceptance. 

The narrator cautions viewers that the acceptance of self should not transform into narcissism. Developing self-respect and overcoming self-doubt are easier said than done. Our insecurities will persist, but it up to us to redefine these as a means to grow, not recoil. 

Respect for others starts with the respect for ourselves. This is similar to the saying that, “in order to love, we must love ourselves first.” To develop the crucial first step of respecting ourselves first, the narrator suggests that we admire our strengths and continue to improve upon our weaknesses. Being chronically critical of ourselves will not lead us to achieving our goals. There must be a balance between our self-criticism and self-praise. 

For those looking to respect themselves better, Motivation District’s video provides tools and motivational strategies to do so. With easy to read captions, the video provides viewers an in-depth understanding of self-respect and how to improve their perceptions of self. The video can be accessed below. 



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