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Live a more disciplined life.

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With another video from Motivation District, the importance of self-discipline is discussed. Discipline can be applied to every field in life. With discipline, individuals have a better ability to control their actions, feelings and emotions. When looking at finances, discipline keeps you on track to paying off debt, increasing your savings, and investing your money wisely. 

Developing self-discipline is often associated with an increase in motivation and chances of success. Discipline is linked with an individual’s willpower, controlling impulse and rash actions. Being disciplined reduces the number of distractions, allowing goals to be reached more efficiently. If two individuals set out for the same goal, the more disciplined individual is more likely to achieve that goal because of the limited distractions in their life. 

Discipline also contributes to our own happiness. Through discipline, we progress to our goals on a more regular basis, which can lead to leading a more content life. Keeping our end goal in mind and having discipline will elicit more motivation and focus on that goal and the tasks at hand.

Discipline is not synonymous with having complete control of our lives, as things out of our control often happen. Discipline comes into play with how we react to unfavorable situations and how we act on the things we can control. Having skill and discipline makes it easier to achieve the things we set out to do.

For those interested in living a more disciplined life, this video is a must watch. The narrator not only defines discipline and how it is interwoven in all aspects of life but also gives viewers tools to integrate and strengthen their own discipline. With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video is great for those working to be more disciplined. This video can be accessed below. 



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