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Buying prefab & modular homes


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What are your thoughts on buying a prefab home or a modular home? I think they're mostly the same, but I think a prefab is like a pre-made home, where you get all the pieces sent to you and then you have to build it yourself or have someone come build it for you. But you get all the needed materials. Has anyone ever done this? I know Amazon sells them, and a few other places do as well. 

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I would not pick one up off Amazon but I would as an option if I had some land and I was looking to put a home on it look into modular houses. There are plenty of modular builders out there that are very reputable and can bring your project across the finish line. 

You need to be concerned with foundations, electricity, water, and sewage. I would think regardless of where you buy it you would want a skilled professional for the install. 

Clayton Homes
Champion Homes

Are two places I looked at when thinking of going down this path before. Never did it so I can not speak on the process in anyway. 


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