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Success is digested through gratitude.

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With easy-to-read captions and compelling images, this Motivation District video touches on the difference between happiness and joy, what it takes to be successful, and understanding our purpose. The narrator throughout this video uses his own personal experience to intertwine these topics into a powerful message. First, the narrator touches on the difference between happiness and joy, stating that happiness is an emotional response to an event. Joy, on the other hand, is constant throughout our lives. Joy is a result of aligning ourselves with our purpose and passions. 

“Success,” the narrator starts, “is digested through gratitude.” We often move through our lives taking many people, places, and things for granted. While these things may provide us comfort and joy/ happiness, that does not mean they will be there forever. Once we start to practice true gratitude for the simplest of things, we create more and more things to be grateful for.  We must learn to express gratitude for our joy, pain, laughter, and earned tears.

The narrator goes on to talk about everyone’s desire to succeed. We all want to succeed, but our definitions of and willingness to work towards success differ from person to person. My definition of success is different from your definition. These definitions also change throughout time, so it is important to constantly question and redefine our own metrics of success. Once we understand what success is to ourselves, we mustn’t allow anything to jeopardize that or ourselves. 

Prioritizing ourselves and who we are as a person should not be lost on our path to success. Finding ourselves and understanding our identity can be a difficult thing to do. The narrator offers his audience some tools to assist with this. First, the narrator recommends compiling a list of everything that is important to us, no matter what that might be. Then, the narrator recommends his audience think of ways that this list can be maintained throughout the ups and downs of life. The narrator also recommends that his audience first define what they are not, as this may help illuminate what people are truly about. 

This video is a must-watch for anyone struggling to better understand themselves, their passion, purpose, or definitions of success. This video can be accessed below.


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