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The path to fulfillment

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With easy-to-read captions and compelling images, this Motivation District video dives into the meaning of life. Throughout the video, the narrator uses his own personal experience to intertwine these topics into a powerful message.

Many people play it safe in life. They do what is expected of them, work a safe job, and maintain the status quo. While this is common, the narrator argues that you may end up being fired from a “safe job, so you might as well take a risk at doing what you love.” Understanding what we love and our purpose in life is a daunting task. To start understanding this, the narrator recommends his audience look at what talents they possess and try to understand how these talents best align with what society needs. 

The narrator also stresses the importance of love and humor, stating that “the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” Everything on the Earth can rot and fall apart, but not what is in your heart. Our gifts should make people present their best selves. In order to understand ourselves better, we must let go of our expectations, perceptions, and need for acceptance. All of these dim the light within us. On a similar note, the concept of “completion,” or fulfillment does not necessarily mean having wealth or fame. While these things are nice, fulfillment stems from self-love, self-acceptance, and living authentically. 

Throughout the video, the narrator encourages his audience to start living more fully today. Through little changes in the way we talk to ourselves and others, we can start our journeys towards “completion.” With that said, we must be accepting of what the universe provides for us and take opportunities as they present themselves. 

This inspiring video can be accessed below.


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