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Attain your higher frequency.

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In another video, Motivation District utilizes vivid images and easy-to-read captions to discuss the ideas of understanding ourselves, our goals, and our plans to achieve them. This video is a must-watch for individuals embarking on their journey to self-understanding.

If we take an honest look at our lives, we can see everything that has unfolded thus far to land us in our current position. One decision, relationship, and/ or circumstance led to another decision, relationship, and/ or circumstance, which led to another and another. Looking back is easy for our minds because everything we know is already recorded. Looking forward is the difficult part. 

Most people have a sense, or even a fragment of an understanding, of where they want to go. When these dreams come to mind, however, we are quick to shut down because we do not know how to get there. We can see and feel a higher frequency that is beyond our current position. Because we can see it in our mind, “we can hold it in our hands.” All it takes is the will to do it. Once we align ourselves with this frequency and truly accept that we want to be there, we can start focusing and planning to achieve that goal. There will be noise and distractions from naysayers and our own self-doubt, but our will to focus will get us over these hurdles. Once we start working towards that frequency, we are shifted to a new state of conscious awareness. In order to get there, we must act like the person that we want to become. From this point on, reality starts to mold itself around our vision. 

This truly inspiring video can be accessed below.


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