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Don't just follow the trend.

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In another Motivation District video, viewers hear from multiple narrators discussing their stances on innovation, fulfillment, and success. The first concept that is introduced is not doing something because it is trendy. When we are trying to innovate, it is crucial that we boil down our concepts to their fundamental truths and build up. Using this reasoning instead of reasoning by analogy allows individuals to really make sense of what they are trying to accomplish.

The second narrator of this video discusses the importance of working from the interiors of ourselves. The key to fulfillment, success, happiness, and content is to align our personalities with what our souls are meant to do. For some, we are meant to tell stories; others are meant to solve the wicked problems of the world; others are meant to serve their communities. We must learn to align ourselves with our goals and passions and not get caught up in the monetary aspects of our professions. Once we concern ourselves with money and materialistic things, then our messaging becomes inauthentic, and we start to lose our purpose.
The final topic of this video discusses the keys to building and growing a business. The first is to recognize that investors differ from one another. There is no blanket set of characteristics for all investors. Knowing this, entrepreneurs must be clear about their companies and their plans. Business leaders must also recognize that their customers and colleagues must come first, not their shareholders. Additionally, prior to making a decision, individuals must be able to understand both sides of an argument. Being able to do this will decrease the likelihood of making poor decisions. 

This video contains more tips than just these three, making it a must-watch for individuals looking to grow their businesses or themselves. This Motivation District video can be accessed below.


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