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Life is simple. Humans are complicated.

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Once, Confucius said that life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated. This is seemingly contradicting as life is full of messes, stress, and complications. The narrator goes on to say that life is not complicated; human beings, however, are very complicated. People generally overthink things so much that they create mountains out of

 molehills. Many of us want others to understand us and our needs without telling them. Before buying a dress, we think about what people will say about it. Before eating something, we calculate its calories. There are much more examples of humans overcomplicating very simple things. 

This over-complication of our lives is why many people are not happy. We must learn how to live a good life, even with all the stress, messes, and complications. One way to lead a happier life is by focusing more on the tasks at hand and working hard to complete them. By focusing on things like familial responsibilities, tasks at work, or your relationships with friends, you will have less time and mental capacity to worry about how you look, what clothes you wear, and other surficial things. By focusing more so on the people around you and some of the work stemming from these relationships, you start to simplify your life and not worry about the extra noise. People can make their lives simpler and easier every day. The first step is to work on not yearning for someone else’s life. This starts by cutting out the minuscule things in life that do not benefit you or your mental and physical health. Changing these little habits can affect your life immensely. Because of this, it is important to take a moment to analyze those habits, identify which ones need to change, and construct a plan to do so. If you want to dance in the rain, then stop worrying about what people on the street will think about you. Overthinking is one of the causes of unhappiness. Removing overthinking, while easier said than done, is an important step to leading a happier life. If you want to make your life less complicated and need guidelines to do so, then this Motivation District video is a must-watch and can be accessed below. 


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