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The importance of our routines

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“The world is a very mean and nasty place. It will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it.” 

In Motivation District’s video, the audience hears from Arnold Schwarzenegger, former bodybuilder and governor of California, about developing a strong mindset, focus, and routine. Life is difficult; there is no getting around that. We have to decide whether we are going to back away from adversity or tackle it head on. Overcoming adversity is put best when Schwarzenegger says, “you just have to do it and work on it.” Schwarzenegger encourages the audience to focus on goals individually. It is easy to get distracted and try to multitask, but to Schwarzenegger, it is best to work on things one at a time to be as accurate and efficient as possible. 

Schwarzenegger also speaks on the importance of developing a routine, citing that when you are most complete you have the greatest potential for success. Through developing strength in our body, minds, and energy, we are led to a more complete and balanced life. This may allow us to react and adapt to situations better. Schwarzenegger talks extensively about his own routine which incorporates multiple training sessions each day and self-education. Schwarzenegger’s routine not only prepares his mind and body for life but also allows for a level of mental clarity and purpose. Through being consistent with his routine, Schwarzenegger is able to encourage others to develop their own routines and shift their ways of thinking. 

With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video is easily accessible and inspires its listeners to live more fully. This video can be accessed here: 


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