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Finding and pursuing our passions

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“Don’t ever let something tell you you can’t do something.”

In one of Motivation District’s best videos, the audience hears from multiple speakers discussing how to focus our brains, overcome insecurities, take accountability, and tools to propel our lives forward. With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video is easily accessible and inspires its listeners to live more fully. 

The video begins with a discussion on focusing the brain. It is so easy to become distracted by things that don’t hold any merit. Whether that be gossip, insecurities, or negative news, individuals must learn to shift their focus on what truly matters so that the largest percentage of their brains are focusing and working on that one thing or idea. 

While easier said than done, this effort can be diluted by our insecurities. To overcome this, it may be helpful to make a mental inventory of everything you need to change in order to become the person you want to be. Everyday, we must work to reframe our way of thinking as these insecurities hold more power than we credit them. 

Our lives are not an accident. They are an amalgamation of decisions to act. Our life’s trajectory is dictated by the decisions we make every morning and everyday. To ensure that we meet our potentials and lead a life worth living, individuals should enter the world with intention and not just live to merely survive. At this point in the video, the narrator discusses making conscious decisions to understand who you want to be each day and throughout your life. The narrator encourages his listeners to ask themselves how they want their relationships to look like. The narrator also provides a number of tools to do so, including the following:

  • On the first day of each month: analyze professional and personal relationships, identify goals, and create a plan to achieve them. 
  • Each Sunday: revisit progress and critique the plan as needed

This level of self-analysis is something many avoid because it may lead to some difficult questions and challenges to overcome. 

Another narrator provides additional tools for better self-analysis. The narrator comments that when we play into a role for so long, that we lose ourselves. Whether that role is in family, work, or our friend group, we start to lose our identity. Understanding our identity starts with carrying out the following steps:

  • Write down every goal we are working towards (i.e., professional, interpersonal, health)
  • Ask what is the source of that idea and why are we pursuing it. 
    • Do these ideas come from social media, family, friends’ achievements? Or do we feel alive when doing it? 
  • Ask what is yours? What passions do you have? 
  • Work to filter out noise and listen to our inner voice. 
  • Increase exposure to new things. 
    • The narrator provides a specific example of trying one new thing each Saturday and Sunday.

I can not recommend watching this video enough if you are struggling with an unfilled life. This video provides so many tools to its listeners to better understand themselves and create action plans to achieve their goals. This video can be accessed here: 


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