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We do not have to be right in advance.

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“We don’t have to be right in advance.” 

In another video from Motivation District, the audience hears from multiple narrators about facing failure and execution of ideas. With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video is easily accessible and inspires its listeners to live more fully. The video begins with advice from Elon Musk, well-known entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX. Musk advises his audience to focus on products and services that will be of high value to someone else. To do so, one must be rigorous in our own self-assessment. The challenge that lies within this is differentiating between believing in our ideals and pursuing an unrealistic dream. Musk also advises his audience to be tenacious and work hard, as this will improve the odds of success and outworking any competitors. 

The video then shifts to another narrator discussing the rate of failure and success. We are going to fail about 99% of the time, but we only have to be right once. We do not have to be right in advance. We can make multiple wrong choices in a row before making the right one that will propel us forward. Going through this process, however, is extremely important. Through the process, we figure out the things we like, and once we find something we love, everything gets easier from that point forward. 

The narrator also touches on the ease of having ideas. Everyday we have hundreds of ideas, but it is hard to apply them in the day-to-day or convert them into a successful product .This is possible, however, through a combination of stubbornness and flexibility. While counterintuitive, the combination of these two may merit great success. We must be stubborn in our vision, but flexible in the details, as we will find some preconceptions were wrong. 

This video can be accessed here: 


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