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Real progress requires authenticity

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“You’ve got to fight.” 

In Motivation District’s video, listeners hear from multiple narrators about how to succeed in life. With examples from the birth of the internet, continual integration of computer science, and insurance, listeners walk away from this video with some key messages. These messages include: keys to success, developing authenticity, and addressing competitors.  Everyone has some level of motivation and desire to succeed. While success is a possibility, failure is the more likely outcome. Success can be defined through different metrics. Academically, success could mean publishing scientific research. Interpersonally, success could mean the maintenance and improvement of friendships and relationships. Professionally, success could mean a promotion. Success is often a direct result of a strong work ethic and ability to build and maintain relationships. While there may be some external influences on success ratings, the two aforementioned skills definitely benefit individuals. It is important to recognize, however, that we are going to fail more times than we succeed. 

The video also touches on the importance of acting with authenticity. Real progress requires authenticity, honesty, and empathy. Most people do not want to be divided; they want to be validated and understood. Authenticity in business and interpersonal relationships allows for these worries to be calmed. 

Addressing competition is another topic discussed. It is a good idea to acknowledge that there is competition in life, but we shouldn’t worry about this competition. Instead of spending energy on worrying about competitors, we should redirect this energy to improving ourselves, our relationships, or business. We must be willing to embrace and change ourselves. 

With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video is easily accessible and inspires its listeners to live more fully. This video can be accessed here: 


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