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Building cohesive teams with Kobe Bryant

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In another highlight reel from one of Bryant’s many interviews, the Motivation District compiled Bryant’s stories and messages in a way that truly benefits their audience. Throughout our lives, we slowly shift into leadership roles, both large and small. The largest goal of becoming an effective leader is to uplift those around us. This can be difficult, however, and Bryant recalls his own struggles in doing so. Communication and compassion do not always come easy. However, it is important to try to place ourselves in our teammates shoes to better understand some of the obstacles they are facing and how we can help them.

Shifting from a mindset of “don’t tell me how rough the waters are, just bring the boat in,” did not come easily to Bryant. Leaders like Bryant are often faced with the question of “how do we as a group figure out what to do?” Without trust and good rapport between members, this is virtually impossible. The team must not only aim for the same goal but also be able to rely on each other. Stemming from this, Bryant speaks on the importance of having open and honest communication. Bryant was not afraid to shout ideas down and breaking them down to understand why something would not work. He encouraged his teammates to do the same. 
Bryant also speaks on showing his daughters his hard work and bringing them into a day in his life. Working out with his daughter in the morning before school not only creates a special father-daughter bond but also helps his daughter understand the value of hard work. 

This video can be accessed here:


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