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Creating a spark in those around us.

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In Motivation District’s video, the concepts of uplifting others, going after your worth, and enjoying the journey of life are all discussed. With multiple narrators, Motivation District compiled a multitude of opinions on how to better ourselves. 

We may not change the world, but it is our responsibility to uplift others, potentially inspiring others to change the world. While we shouldn’t live for others, it is important to acknowledge that others are watching and we should be sending out positive energy into the world. Life is difficult and it is easy to succumb to talking poorly of others, doing terrible things, becoming jealous, or otherwise expelling negativity. The hardships of life will keep us down if we allow them to. “It isn’t about how hard you are hit,” one narrator starts, “it is about how much you can take and still move forward.” Through life’s hard hitting blows, it can be easy to dilute our self worth. However, if you know your worth, “go out and get your worth.” 
Our consciousness can also become clouded, becoming increasingly difficult to understand what the self is. In times like this it is important to remember that “in order to understand what the self is, we need to remember that it does not need any remembering.” Similar to how our body knows how to function with minimal inputs, our body’s don’t have to pay any attention to how we shine in the sun. 

Many people are concerned about going from point A to point B, mainly focusing on the distance between the two. The narrator dispels this stating, “eliminate the distance; eliminate the journey. The fun of the journey is to travel.” Many of the topics discussed in this video are things that we already know, but it is always great to be reminded of their importance. 
This video can be accessed here: 


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