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Eating glass and staring into the abyss.

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In Motivation District’s video, the audience hears a compilation of motivational talks and interviews from Elon Musk. From starting a business to expanding the human consciousness, Musk provides his viewers with inspirational words to become more. Musks starts with a discussion on what it means to start a business. When entrepreneurs first start, everything seems great and exciting. After several months, reality begins to set in: customers are not signing up, technology starts to fail, and self doubt starts to set in. To Musk, this is common to him and should be universally known to all aspiring entrepreneurs. To start out, “you must have a high pain tolerance.” 

While this is true, Musk encourages his audience to focus on developing the best product they can and maintain a good connection with their customers. “If your customers want you to succeed, typically you won’t fail,” Musk states. Conversely, the good thing about failure is that there isn’t a huge stigma around it. It is common for people and businesses to fail. Musk also speaks on his decision making framework which stems from physics. All entrepreneurs should ask themselves “is what they are doing truly beneficial? Or is it just a trend.” From this, it is also important to solicit negative feedback from close ones. 

With compelling graphics and easy to follow captions, Motivation District provides a great compilation of talks from Musk. This video can be accessed here: 


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