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Sharpening our skills.

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“You have to retool now.” 

In Motivation District’s video, the concepts of bettering and preparing ourselves for a new tomorrow and the importance of leadership are discussed. The video starts out with the narrator’s anecdote about a man working two jobs, but who is always “broke.” Simply explained, the reason for this individual’s position is because of his low-skilled jobs. In an ever evolving world, lower skilled workers are being replaced by technology. Because of this, the narrator speaks on the importance of “retooling” ourselves, shifting our focus and knowledge into newer fields of work to adapt with life. Labor is less valuable now and will depreciate each year. Because of this, we have to participate in our own rescue. 

The narrator also discusses how to manage negative emotions and thoughts. The narrator tells his story about taking a step back and learning to become entertained by his thoughts. These thoughts are not “him” but “the mind.” Different channels of waves or thoughts can be tapped into when the body is used in certain ways. Once we learn how to let go of these thoughts, we can start to feel free from them. 

The narrator also touches on the importance of helping ourselves first before others. He uses the anecdote of emergency situations while on an airplane. When cabin pressure is lost on an aircraft, the staff advises you loop the mask on yourself first before helping others. This concept can be applied to our leadership skills and methods. Whatever entity you are leading, the organization will only succeed as much as you allow it. Knowledge is potential power, and it is up to us to lead and execute on this knowledge. Leadership can be integrated into our daily lives as well by living on our own terms. 

With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District’s video provides its audience with the tools to become better leaders and shift their mindsets in a positive matter. 

The video can be accessed here: 


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