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Few people actually want to be successful.

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“Every time I speak, the truth comes out.” 

In Motivation District’s video, concepts like overcoming the nastiness of the world and finding out passions are discussed. The hunger to succeed must surpass every other feeling that we have. “When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe,” the narrator starts, “then you will be successful.” Most people only say that they want to succeed, but few will make the sacrifices necessary to do so.  Sometimes, success means forgetting to eat or sleep because of the fear of missing out on an opportunity.Having this mentality is integral to achieving our goals. 
Speaking of goals, the narrator mentions that dreams without goals are just dreams, ultimately fueling disappointment. We start with dreams. However, without goals, we do not have a path to succeed. We can have: lifetime, yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily goals. Success means being able to break down the process into easily digestible steps. While this is true, we must also have the discipline and consistency to work every day towards and plan out our goals. “We don’t plan to fail,” the narrator starts, “we fail to plan.”

It is easy to not start something and let fear, judgement and critique govern our actions. The key to success is having faith and taking that first step in our journey. From there, we must take every opportunity to propel ourselves and those around us toward our full potential because these opportunities, “are like diamonds.” Life is hard; there is no denying that. It will beat us down and keep us down if we don’t get back up. If we have passion for our dreams, it is easy to outwork everyone around us. 
With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District provides a great video and tools to better understand how to overcome self doubt and other obstacles and take the first steps to reaching our full potential. 

Motivation District's video can be accessed here: 


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