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Our existence is spontatneous

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“The whole point of dancing is the dance.”

In Motivation District’s video, the concept of spontaneity and the journey of life is discussed. At some point in our lives, everyone has pondered what the meaning of life is and the role we play in the world. Motivation District’s video attempts to unpack this. One of the key takeaways from this video is that the meaning of life lies within our journey. The existence of the physical universe is not going anywhere. Many people experience this strange anxiety if we do not interfere and try to change things in the world. Doing so takes the playfulness out of our existence. Our bodies know exactly what we need and when. They know how to fill our lungs with oxygen, transport nutrients to our muscles, and when to sleep. Life and our bodies will carry on no matter how much our minds interfere. 

From this, we can learn to let go and let it happen. Life, despite its hardships, should be fun, and we mustn’t focus on the destination too much to find value in life. It is important to have dreams, goals, and plans to accomplish them, but the journey to these destinations matter. The narrator shares many anecdotes to support this. For example, the reason we go to concerts is not to hear the last crash of a symbol. The point of dancing is the dance, not the last beat. 

The narrator also speaks on the balance of letting go of ourselves, saying “man get lost.” Throughout our lives, we shift our consciousness from self-centered to serving others. For example, when we fall in love, we focus on fulfilling our partner’s needs, not our own. Self-abandonment is integral to life. I do believe, however, we must take time to reflect on and better ourselves to give ourselves fully. 

With easy to read captions and compelling images, Motivation District provides a great video chock full of tools to better understand our place in the universe. 

The video can be accessed here: 


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