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Do debt collectors follow you everwhere?

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Debt collectors are those inevitable problems some of us face if we're in any kind of debt. Usually debt collectors come into the equation when you haven't paid a bill in months or years, and the company that was charging you, and has given up and pushed the debt to be collected by someone else, in this case a debt collector. 

Have you ever had to deal with debt collectors? I find that they tend to offer some kind of deals and payment plans. So it's not always bad. 

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If you make your information public records, they can. This is usually what happens. Like say you join Facebook for example, that is all that is needed for them to be able to track your number being changed and your address being changed. Even without it, a lot of companies will sell your information to debt collectors to keep tabs on you. It is shady but in many ways, legal. 

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It has been a long time since I have talked to any debt collectors but 15 years ago it seemed I was unable to hide from them. 

What I do like about them is they typically allow you to make deals for pennies on the dollar since they likely paid pennies for your debt anyways. 

Hard group of people to get away from. 

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