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Living a minimalistic lifestyle can help


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One thing I have always thought, is that a minimalist lifestyle would help with people in debt. Because it's all about taking out what you don't need and keeping around only what you do need. I figure this could save you a lot of money in the long run. Does anyone here live a minimalist lifestyle? 

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I preach a minimalist lifestyle but I do not get to live one. My wife and kids are all very much consumers and I really just want them to live happy lives so not something I am looking to fix but I am looking forward to watching my kids spread their wings and fly and my expenses going down at the same time. 

I think people focus way to much on material things. The temporary joy we get out of being a consumer is a losing battle as you are always buying new things. 

I try to practical in our living practices and do make sure we stay within a budget so all spending is planned and rather predictable. 

Anyone just getting started though I very strongly not falling into the debt trap as that is the start of turning into a corporate cog. If you do not pile on debt and live well within your means it is amazing how much freedom you have to pursue the things you want to do instead of building other peoples dreams. 

So although I do not live a minimalist lifestyle it is something I very strongly advocate anyone I talk to that is getting started on the pathway to life to get a huge head start for themselves. 

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idk if I could live a minimalist lifestyle. I mean, I just need a good enough PC, a big tv, a nice chair a bed, and I'm good to go. I could live like that perfectly. I wouldn't really need much else. 

But, I have a habit of collecting things, so my room and rest of my house is chock full of stuff I collected over the years. And before you think I'm a hoarder, that's not the case, because I don't overdo it, and I keep a very clean house.


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