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In madness lies sanity

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With a more laid-back and scientific video, Motivation District encourages its viewers to ponder how small we are - how small the Earth is - when looking at the universe at large. Earth is but a pale blue dot in the never-ending scope of the universe. With no nearby signs of life, Earth is our home, containing everyone we have ever known and loved. We do not have a backup planet or anyone in this galaxy to assist us. Therefore, one would think we would choose our time on Earth to be kind and understanding towards one another. However, this is clearly not always the case. 

An aggregate of polar opposites, Earth is home to joy and suffering, prosperity and poverty, creators and destroyers, purity and corruption. As of today, the human species does not have any other planet to migrate to. Despite this, we are so quick to misunderstand, misinterpret, and argue with one another; when in reality, we should work to act more kindly to one another and our planet. Humbling and perplexing, astronomy is a character-building field of study, as we continue to learn how our world and galaxies function. “We are in,” the speaker begins, “a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” It is easy to get lost trying to understand the vastness of astronomy, but it is through this madness we remain sane. 

This video can be accessed here:


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