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Great lives are built through evolution, not revolution

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With easy-to-read captions and astounding imagery, Motivation District has published another video meant to inspire viewers to attack life head-on. This video touches on ideas like skill development, planting the right kinds of seeds, creating constructive environments for ourselves, and overcoming the fear of failure. 

“Everyone is infinitely bigger than the roles they place themselves in,” the video starts out. We are not just brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, friends, spouses, or our careers. We are much more capable than we imagine, and through hard work can develop skills to an expert level. In the beginning portions of the video, a scientist explains how the human brain learns. When focusing on one skill at a time and eliminating all distractions, the brain starts to isolate a neurocircuit related to that skill. Over time as the skill or action is repeated, myelin, a fatty substance, wraps around this circuit, allowing for accelerated learning times, seeing and learning more quickly, and heightened perception. With practice and repetition, we can learn skills and information like some of the greatest producers. There is no “natural gift,” and achievement is more associated with this grit, singular focus, and sacrifice. It is through this seemingly mundane routine that we can start to craft the lives we desire. “A great life,” the speaker begins, “is not built through revolution but evolution.” 

Not only do these small wins matter, but also the environments in which we try to grow. If we are surrounded by individuals who gossip, are jealous, mean-spirited, or otherwise protruding negativity into the world, it is highly likely that we too will start to develop this same mode of thinking. Subconsciously these words matter, as everything we surround ourselves with feeds our brains. As we search for our purpose and begin to pursue our goals, we must be willing to surround ourselves with individuals sharing that same mindset or who are already in the positions we aspire to be. 

Time does not wait for any of us to find and pursue our purpose. Once we discover our purpose, we must not let the fear of failure or judgment dilute our journey to this purpose. Similarly, we don’t know when our lives will end, adding urgency to living a fulfilled life. We do not have to be fearless, but we must not let our fears dictate our paths. We are meant to change the world in big ways and small. Recognizing and trusting our greatness, passions, and voice is the quickest way to live our truest selves. 

Motivation District’s video can be found here:


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