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Embracing and appreciating the hardships of life

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Motivation District has done it again with another awe-inspiring video set out to encourage its viewers to tackle life head-on and achieve their goals. This video touches on topics like overcoming life’s challenges, finding your happiness, and having the courage to try again. This goes without saying, but life is hard. Everyone will eventually have to face their own suite of problems. While these trials and tribulations may throw our plans off course, how we respond and manage this stress is telling of our character. When going obstacles present themselves, it is important to embrace these hard times, appreciating them and also the easier times. 

The appreciation of everyday life is important. Loved ones, friendships, relationships, careers, and our successes are all temporary and won’t last forever. The harsh reality is that we will never have enough time, so why not start living life to the fullest? Right now is the time to take risks, make commitments to bettering yourself and those around you, and push your boundaries to reach your fullest potential. 

One way to do this, the video explains, is to look inward and identify areas in your life needing improvement. Specifically, this video touches on the number of people “stuck” at their 9-5 jobs, feeling trapped by the paycheck to paycheck system and like they will never truly get ahead and start living. Life is not about the paycheck, but finding, attaining and maintaining your happiness. We were not put on this world to be miserable and to simply move through the motions. We only have a short amount of time in this world and must challenge ourselves to take risks for what we believe in, commit to our goals, and question how we will have a positive impact on those around us. 

It is easy to get beaten down, knowing that every day presents an opportunity to fail. However, every day we also have the opportunity to get closer and closer to our dreams. The hardest thing is to keep swinging, but despite the naysayers, we must swing with all our might. 

This video can be accessed here:


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