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Do whatever it takes

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In yet another inspiring video from Motivation District, viewers receive words of encouragement and the tools to accomplish their financial, academic, and interpersonal goals. Speaking and wishing to accomplish these things is not enough. If you want to make these changes and achieve these goals, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to attain them. 

Motivation District gives its listeners an anecdote about a young man asking an older man how to become successful. The old man agrees to help the other and instructs him to meet at a nearby beach early the next morning. Perplexed, the younger man agrees, meeting the man at the beach at four in the morning. The elderly man confuses the younger man further by instructing the young man to walk further and further out into the ocean and eventually holds him underwater. Shocked that the older man would do such a thing, the younger man asks what the purpose of this was? The elder man simply asks,” what is it you saw while you were underwater?” 

A key takeaway from this story, and the video at large, is when you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, that is when you will become successful. Life is too short to go through the motions at a lukewarm pace. We must be moving, learning, and acting with a sense of urgency in order to reach our goals. “Kind of” wanting something is not enough. Sometimes, we must be willing to sacrifice what we are in order to reach our full potential. This may include: missing out on social events, forgetting to eat, not sleeping, or giving up our cell phones because we don’t want to miss an opportunity to be successful. 

Most people won’t become successful because, after the initial excitement of starting a new project or learning something new wears off, they become tired, unmotivated, and ultimately give up. The simple but eloquent response to this is “don’t quit when things get hard. You are already in pain, so you might as well get a reward from it.” 

With easy-to-read captions and vivid visuals, Motivation District’s video is easy to comprehend and a must-watch. This video can be accessed here:  


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